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Meet the (awakened) babe

hi there! I'm Bethanie!

Libra Sun - Libra Moon - Scorpio Rising

Favorites: Food: Pizza   Drink: French Kiss Cocktail   Colors: Peach + Aqua

Dislikes:  Mean people, raw onions and tomatoes, gory movies

Loves: Exploring new places, laughing until your sides hurt, Star Wars, cats, Scotland, plumeria, Sailor Moon 

Currently Reading: Throne of Glass series 

Dream Vacations: Norway, Greece, and Japan

Hidden Talent: Drawing manga

"I sold everything I owned with a one way ticket to Egypt because the Universe told me to in a meditation"


Have you ever had a job that just sucked the soul out of you? I think most of us have experienced this in our adult lives at least once or twice (if you're in this situation currently, I hope you understand this phase of your life isn't forever) and this is where I feel my story begins..


I've always believed that we've been put on this Earth for more than just going to work and paying bills until we die... but it seems like so many of our societies have this deeply ingrained into us that that's what life looks like. 


All Ive ever felt passionate about in life has been traveling and empowering women. But that doesn't really benefit you on a resume. So I was working for a company I thought was a positive place which once hired I realized was in fact toxic positivity. As the years passed and as I rose in the company I was forced to do managerial things such as fire people (for clearly mental health reasons from the job being so taxing) that just didn't sit well with me. And when I was written up for not smiling when I walked into the break room (because my Uncle had passed away the previous day) this became such an unhealthy environment that it literally broke my soul.. and I took two months leave for having a nervous breakdown in the office. 


Earlier in the year, 2018, I had started building a side hustle of a Retreat business, Adventure Babe Retreats. I was so excited to host retreats in exotic locations for women who like me love traveling and making friends with similar interests. But when my mental health went to shit I put it all aside. What I didn't realize when I was having my nervous breakdown because my soul was hurting so much was that I was actually... AWAKENING


Because I couldn't afford therapy (even with my full time job- good ol American healthcare system) I went online to learn how to calm my nervous system and started meditating and focusing on healing myself naturally. 


Meditation then led into other interesting topics, crystals, Reiki, Spirit Guides, Starseeds, Astral Travel, astrology, sacred Geometry, Abraham Hicks...


My whole life I had been taught these were evil things and to steer clear... but when you are searching for answers when you're broken you find you're more open to alternative ideas and thus started my journey of unlearning all the beliefs that no longer served me. And creating a WHOLE new belief system. 


Ironically these beliefs were already at my core and it was eye opening to start BEING the person you truly are that was pushed down by other's opinions, beliefs and ideas for so many years.


I continued my new practices and researching and obsessing with this new blissful way of looking at the world.. and went back to work after the medical leave but 6 months later was fired. 


Everything in my world fell apart over the next year and came to a fiery end in 2020 when the big "C" happened. It felt like everything that I loved and worked so hard for in my adult life was gone. So with my new beliefs I realized things were changing for my good and that I wouldn't let this break me instead I would build a new world for myself. 


I took a solo spiritual road trip to Sedona in the summer of 2020, and while meditating in the creek, the Universe spoke to me.


"You need to go to Egypt"


Seeing the Pyramids has always been on my bucket list but logically thinking this is the height of 2020 I thought, well that will be nice one day. But it responded..


"No, you need to go this year"


Fear rose in me as I thought about how frightening imagining myself to go solo there but again it spoke..


"You need to be at the Pyramids by the Winter Solstice"


And that was it.

I knew in my heart that as scary this call was.. the Universe had told me very clearly what I needed to do. And I would do it.


You see when my life had completely fallen apart earlier in the year, I cried from the floor of my kitchen telling the Universe that I would surrender my life to it, since everything I had tried to do had failed and that it must have better plans for me. So when I was literally on a road trip following my spiritual guidance how could I ignore this very clear message. 


So I spent the next few months, selling everything I owned, breaking my apartment lease, packing up a few boxes for storage, and made some heart breaking sacrifices so that I could do my part in answering this call. Hell I got on the plane and didn't even have my "C" test results yet.. but as I was about to board my international flight there they were in my email. The Universe made a way for me to get to Egypt.


As I was preparing for this, my mind kept thinking, "Oh I'll only be there 10 days and then I'll jump to another country.. I'm just doing this one thing for the Universe..." but in my heart I knew I would be staying there for a while.


I landed in the middle of the night, and set my alarm for sunrise and climbed the stairs to the rooftop to see the Pyramids before me. I had answered the call.


Even knowing the Universe was guiding me, I still felt terrified as I was one of the few foreigners in Egypt at the time and as a blonde I STUCK OUT. I transferred to a hotel in downtown Cairo where I integrated the wild Egyptian energies (the Pyramids are the Throat Chakra of the Earth- and a lot of people get sick or sore throats from integrating this Vortex). After a few days, one of the hotel receptionist was explaining to me that if I had a tour guide I would have a smoother experience and start to understand Egypt's history much better on a tour. As an avid traveler, my ego was not interested in a tour guide as I believed they were a scam, but after struggling a few days on my own the same receptionist offered to take me on a tour of Old Cairo as he was studying to get his own tour guide license.


Enter Beshoy.

Beshoy took me to all the best sites of Cairo and offered to take pictures and didn't bore me to death with history. It didn't feel like a tour, it felt like exploring with a friend. We had a blast and we did this a couple of times enjoying each other's company and helping me feel more comfortable in Egypt. Eventually I wanted to see the temples in Aswan and Luxor so I flew to Aswan and did a Nile cruise. The tour guides were definitely NOT Beshoy. One yelled at me for taking pictures while I was listening to him, another only gave me 5 minutes to take pictures at the end of our 2 hour tour, another let local guys try to kiss me, and the last one tried to make me his second wife. I couldnt get back to Cairo fast enough.


All of these experiences started to give me an idea... I was falling in love with Egypt, its history, its sacred sites, and I wanted more women to be able to experience this, but I didnt want them to have the bad or uncomfortable expereinces I had.. I wanted them to have fun like I did with Beshoy. So when I got back to Cairo, Beshoy and I went to coffee and I asked him to be my business partner. And that is how Escape to Egypt was born. 


My Retreat business, which I had been paying all its business license and fees for all these years, was already ready for me to open for business! Now TWO years later Beshoy and I have made both of our dreams come true hosting retreats and offering private tours. I finally have a heart centered business where I can empower women and adventure all over Egypt with! 


All the years, I thought my dreams were falling away when in fact the Universe was moving everything around so that they could fall into place. I am soo grateful for my journey and that I had the courage to surrender my life to the Universe and that it was able to lead me to the place, the people, and life I always desired.


I hope my story empowers you, that you can rewrite your story at any time (not only when life is falling apart) and that if it is maybe the Universe is just rearranging things for the life you've truly wanted! 


If you're inspired to come to Egypt be sure to check out our Women's Retreat, Group Trips, and private tours- I would loveee to share this magical land with you!

thanks for being here with me


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