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What's Meant For You

Updated: Dec 20, 2021

Lately I've been seeing a common trend among my Spiritual friends- and I felt inspired to share what I've learend from my experiences in hopes it'll reassure you if you've been having similar thoughts. Here's the trend: I found the perfect partner -how can I keep him? I found the property for our business- send good vibes so I'll get it I found my dream job- how can I manifest getting that specific position I've learned through my own experiences you have to TRUST that whatever is meant to be, WILL BE. If these partners, houses, jobs truly are an ANSWER to what you've been asking from the Universe and manifesting, YOU WILL GET IT. But you have to trust that if it's TRULY meant for you- it will come. If you are forcing or pushing, or getting depressed when you don't get the job, your bid isnt the highest, the partner doesn't stick around... let it go. Cause clearly it WASNT the perfect answer, and the Universe KNOWS it. I'll give you an example, I was in a relationship for 11 years and I loved the guy sooo much and thought he was the ONE. He took forever to propose so I started dropping hints, planning our wedding, and doing everything I could to make it happen. But it never happened. He never wanted to talk about getting married. Fast forward to that relationship ending, I met someone some time after that and as cliche as it sounds showed me that there was a reason it didn't work out with the first guy. And guess what, this guy can't wait to marry me! So even though I thought the first guy was THE ONE - the Universe had a better plan (maybe if I didnt spend 11 years forcing what wasnt mean to be I wouldve gotten the manifestation of the better partner sooner- but I trust the universes timing and just happy to here!) Sometimes the Universe shows us these glimpses of the perfect man, job, dream home.. just to keep inspiring you, just to give you hope that your manifestation is on the way! Trust it'll bring you what you truly desire and it'll come when it's meant to!


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