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How to handle being OVERWHELMED

Updated: Dec 20, 2021

Are you feeling overwhelmed?

I just want you to know..

You're not alone.

So many are struggling with feelings of heaviness, confusion, and despair.

I've been talking to a few of my clients (Woo-Woo Besties) and they're feeling ALL THE FEELS right now. I wanted to offer some support because I know we all struggle with having hard days/phases in our life.

I've been there too-so I'd like to share what has helped me.

When you're feeling SO LOW - do not put so much pressure on yourself to FIX everything or find some ACTION step to do to make things better.

When you have so many negative thoughts- everything is going to feel hard to do. So all the action you take is not going to be that helpful to you.

*And no, I'm not gonna recommend meditation or yoga when you're feeling this bad. Both of those require a calmer mind but when you're feeling like a fried circuit cause your mind has been overdrive- it's going to be tough and feel like youre forcing yourself to sit still or be calm.

Instead what I recommend is find things and activities that are EASY for you to do to relax.

-Watch a funny movie/show

-Listen to happy music- dance it off

-Take CBD

-Go treat yourself

-Order the Thai food you get on special occassions

-Call a supportive friend


-Put on a kickass outfit

-Take a different route on your commute

I know it doesn't sound like these things are going to fix your problems or make you feel better about what's happening in your world. But I promise this is just the first step.

You need to make it your job- to just feel a little bit better!

"My job is to feel good!" <-- A helpful affirmation

Let me give you some Law of Attraction perspective- when you're feeling LOW, it's really easy to notice everything that's NOT going your way. Things just feel like they're out to get you- because you're focusing on them- and hate to say it now you're starting to attract it more.

"What you focus on expands"

So that's why we start taking baby steps to feeling better- so you can start ATTRACTING better!

You can't expect to fix all your problems, win the lottery, etc when you're in such a negative state because that's now how the Law of Attraction works.

When you start feeling a little bit better, bit by bit.. you get better and then you get more into alignment, back into feeling that high vibe.

Don't put so much pressure on yourself to find solutions on how to FIX yourself. And don't guilt trip yourself when you can't figure out the action to take- it's because youre not in a state to take action. None of that is going to help and you'll just inflict more pain on yourself- by keeping yourself feeling bad!

As I said, just make it your priority to feeling better. Don't FORCE feeling better, don't force yourself to do yoga cause it's what "you should" do, no SHOULDS in this situation, just easy, fun things, that make you feel good. (Remember Happy TV show, mani/pedis, ordering a new kind of coffee, playing a game, planning an imaginary vacation..- they don't even have to cost money, just get your mind off the bad and onto fun!)

Once you move into feeling better- THEN you will start to attract and receive the inspired action.This "action" will feel easy, right, and like the perfect idea to creating the solution.

But you'll only get this- ONCE YOU FEEL BETTER!

I love you- and YOU GOT THIS!!


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