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Flying Dress: Egypt

Are you ready to feel like a true QUEEN of Egypt?

We are thrilled to announce a new service we offer in addition to our tours, Flying Dress Photo Shoots!

Now you can feel like a true Egyptian Queen and take home the most memorable souvenir!

Photo shoots can be arranged as an individual package..


If we do a guided tour together we can bring along the dress(es) to our locations so we are always ready whenever you are!

We have so many fabulous locations in Egypt to fulfill all your Egyptian photo shoot dreams: the Pyramids, Sharm el Sheikh, Sakkara, the Red Sea, Siwa Oasis, the desert... literally whatever you can imagine we can make happen!

So tell me... what color dress do you want for your photo shoot???!

For Pricing and Inquiries to book your Egpt Flying Dress Photo Shoot


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