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Faith + Chinese Bamboo

Updated: Dec 20, 2021

“Don't dig up in doubt what you planted in faith.” Elisabeth Elliot

Do you know how Chinese Bamboo trees grow? Like any plant it requires water, soil, sunshine, and nurturing. In the first year of being planted, there are no signs of progress or development. In the second year, again, no growth or sprouts above the soil. Nor in the third or fourth year!

But come the fifth year - BAM! The Chinese Bamboo tree shoots up to 80 ft (almost 30 meters) in just six weeks!

One may think, OK was it doing anything under the surface the last 5 years? Did it only grow in the 5th year? No, of course not. This whole time the tree has been spreading roots, laying a firm foundation, to support it's growth! If we dig it up the first few years to see if anything was happening we would've disturbed this system and balance not helping the bamboo to be able to grow strong when it was ready!

Tonight, feels like my 5th year! One thing after a next is falling into place like a MAJOR puzzle piece. So much lately has felt quiet, like nothings been happening, like I haven't been growing. But I kept trusting that it all was happening for a reason. And sure enough, when the time was right I was ready and the Universe is just pouring it all on me!!

Don't give up, when you feel like you're in the waiting period, just trust the Universe's timing- I promise you'll reap what you sow!


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